Birds With Long Legs

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American Bittern: The American Bittern shows camouflage so it is harder to spot in freshwater marsh areas so the researchers use recorded calls.

Flamingo: The bird with not only long legs but also with a long neck and body is the flamingo.

Australian Crane: The brolga is a bird that belongs to the crane family and is also known as Australian crane.

Black-Necked Stilt: This shorebird has long legs that are slender like and are distributed across the American wetlands and coastlines.

Great Blue Heron: The Great Blue Herons are capable of hunting both day and night. Its special neck vertebrae help to strike the prey at a distance. 

Cassowaries: The Cassowary found in tropical forests of New Guinea, Maluku Islands, and Australia.

Cattle Egret: The location of these Cattle egrets is found to be north and south America. 

Emu: This bird does not only have long legs but also a big body too, therefore Emus are considered as the second largest bird in the world.

Snowy Egret: The Snowy egret is found in California, Arizona, Mexico and Virginia.

Tricolored Heron: The Tricolored Heron found in New Mexico and Texas of the U.S during breeding seasons and in winters in northern South America as well. 

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