Bizarre instruments and sounds in famous songs

Aerosmith - 'Sweet Emotion' -
It might sound like maracas, but the shaker sound you hear in this Aerosmith song was recorded by Steven Tyler using a sugar packet!

Gorillaz - 'Clint Eastwood' -
The melodica, also known as blow organ/key flute, is very present in the band's 2001 single.

Nirvana - 'Drain You' -
If you listen carefully, you might notice a peculiar sound in this Nirvana song. It's a rubber duck squeaking!

Radiohead - 'No Surprises' -
The British band used a glockenspiel in their song 'No Surprises.' The glockenspiel is a percussion instrument similar to a xylophone, but made of metal.

Missy Elliott - 'Work It' -
The rapper uses a sample of an elephant trumpet to bleep a word in the song.

The Beach Boys - 'Good Vibrations' -
The Beach Boys also used the theremin in their 1966 hit.

The Troggs - 'Wild Thing' -
This classic garage rock song features a solo recorded using an ocarina!

Nicki Minaj - 'Anaconda' -
In case you haven't noticed, you can hear a loon bird call in this song. A similar sample was used in 'Prayers Up' by Calvin Harris ft. Travis Scott and A-Trak.

Kate Bush - 'The Dreaming' -
Kate Bush liked the sound of this wind instrument, the didgeridoo.

M.I.A. - 'Paper Planes' -
The singer's 2007 single features a sample of a cash register, and so did Pink Floyd 34 years before, in their famous song 'Money.'

Keith Urban - 'Put You in a Song' -
Are you familiar with the bouzouki? Listen to this song and you'll find out what this Greek instrument sounds like.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Behind the Sun' - The Indian instrument known as the sitar has been used in Western music for a long time, including by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beatles.

Muse - 'Muscle Museum' -
The British rockers like to experiment, so they included an electro-mechanical instrument called the mellotron in one of their songs.

Mike Oldfield - 'Tubular Bells' -
This might sound a bit obvious, but Mike Oldfield actually used tubular bells in Part One.

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