Bobs and bangs the coolest haircut trends for the summer

The bob in all its glory - 2023 is the year of the bob. It is definitely one of the trendiest options... in all of its infinite styles. 

A touch of sophistication - Here is a super chic, sophisticated take on the bob. The length falls just below the jaw, elongating the neck. And the middle part adds a touch of fashionable symmetry.

The wavy bob - Since bobs are everywhere this year, the wavy bob will be an obvious staple. That's because, for some women, it allows them to embrace a more natural texture.

Bold bangs on a bob - The big bob innovation of the year? Bangs! Particularly trendy are architectural, bold and daring bangs as seen here. 

What other options do we see in 2023? - This year isn't only about the bob. Other cuts to suit different styles also play a big role in the hair story of the year. 

Medium-length hair - Medium-length hair is easy to maintain, incredibly wearable and perhaps the most versatile option. It can be sexy and sophisticated and worn wavy, curly or straight.

The 'long midy' - This vintage style is being reborn in 2023, as actress Emma Roberts demonstrates here.

The wolf cut - The wolf cut is wild and based on countless layers that are all about producing volume around the face.

The long shag - The shag exists as a less bold but equally cool version of the wolf cut. Although here it is long, it isn't defined by its length. Instead, it's all about those bangs and layers. 

The wet effect - Wondering how to style a short cut that is on trend for the year? The wet effect is definitely a stylish choice that works anywhere, from red carpets to the office.

Curly manes - Curly hair is very much in this year, especially when it plays with volume.

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