Top 10 Bridges That Cross International Borders

Victoria Falls Bridge – Zimbabwe and Zambia border: The Victoria Falls Bridge crosses the Zambezi River not far from the world famous Victoria Falls, from which it took its name.

Three Countries Bridge – France and Germany border: The Three Countries Bridge is located near the tripoint (or tri-border area) of France, Germany and Switzerland.

Ambassador Bridge – United States and Canada border: There are many bridges on the long border between the United States and Canada.

The Tajikistan-Afghanistan bridge – Tajikistan and Afghanistan border: Opened in 2007, this 672 meters (2204 ft) long bridge spans the Panj River and connecting  Tajikistan with Afghanistan. 

Bridge of No Return – South Korea and North Korea border: Located in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South Korea.

Rainbow Bridge – United States and Canada border: The Rainbow Bridge is a 440 meters (1,450 ft) long arch bridge for both vehicles and pedestrians that spans the Niagara River gorge.

New Europe Bridge – Bulgaria and Romania border: The New Europe Bridge is a road and rail bridge that spans the Danube River and connects the cities of Vidin in Bulgaria and Calafat in Romania. 

Bosphorus Bridge, Turkey – Geographic border between the Europe and Asia: The Bosphorus bridge or First Bosphorus bridge doesn’t cross an international border as both its Istanbul, Turkey.

Allenby Bridge (King Hussein Bridge) – Israel and Jordan border: Allenby bridge or King Hussein bridge spans the Jordan River and connecting the West Bank with Jordan.

Norweigian Fjord horse: Crossbreeding has been banned in 1907; thus, this breed had preserved its natural and purebred beauty up to the present.

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