Can you really manifest your dreams

What is manifesting: Manifesting is the practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with the purpose of making them real.

Self-help exercise: A self-help exercise, manifesting is all about believing in something in order to see it come your way.

Focus your thoughts: The concept is simple enough. First you focus your thoughts on a desired outcome—through practices like mindfulness.

Self-belief: The theory is that by thinking hard enough about the future that you want, you'll end up believing that you already have it.

Manifesting your dream future: Manifesting this future is to see your wishes come true by mentally visualizing them.

New Thought spirituality: Manifestation techniques are based on the laws of attraction of New Thought spirituality.

A movement born in the 19th century: The New Thought movement has its roots in the United States in the 19th century.

New Thought philosophy: The movement succeeded "ancient thought"—accumulated wisdom and philosophy from a variety of origins.

Positive thinking: Individuals who embrace New Thought philosophy share a set of beliefs that include positive thinking.

Law of attraction: And it's in the 19th century that the laws of attraction, or manifesting.

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