Can you spot these camouflaged creatures

Leaf-tailed gecko
It's nearly impossible to pick out this little guy from the tree trunk behind him

Any passing insects better look twice before flying over this pond.

Wheaten terrier
This adorable wheaten terrier seems to have adapted perfectly to blend in with this furry carpet. Or perhaps the color match is just coincidence

Leaf insect
Which is leaf and which is insect? You decide.

Stick insect
Can you tell which is the real branch and which is the stick insect

Southern stingray
A stingray in the Caribbean has come up with a cunning way to hide from hungry predators.

Arctic hare
Warning: somewhere in the snowdrift is a fluffy white rabbit.

Blue spotted stingray
The venomous blue spotted stingray lies in wait for its prey.

Ghost crab
Can you spot a sandy creature in there

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