Career lows: the worst films these actors ever made

'Superman IV: The Quest for Peace' - Christopher Reeve - One of the most notoriously bad 'Superman' films in history, Reeve's fourth time playing the Man of Steel was just one time too many.

'The Adventures of Pluto Nash' - Eddie Murphy - Another notorious box office failure, this strange film about a nightclub on the moon confused audiences.

'Mortdecai' - Johnny Depp - Quite simply one of the worst films of Depp's long career, 'Mortdecai' was a huge flop and garnered some of the most barbed reviews ever directed towards him.

'Strip tease' - Demi Moore - Though her paycheck for 'Strip tease' was substantially high for female actors at this time, audience reaction to Moore's performance wasn't rich.

'Catwoman' - Halle Berry -
This spin-off spun out of control. Aiming to be a Tim Burton 'Batman' type film, all audiences got was lingerie and poorly written dialogue.

'Rock of Ages' - Tom Cruise - Rotten Tomatoes spared this musical comedy-drama a mauling, though it still described the film as "bland" and noted its "utter inconsequentiality."

'Cutthroat Island' - Geena Davis - One of the biggest box office flops in movie history, 'Cutthroat Island' made US$10 million against a US$98 million budget—ouch.

'Hot Pursuit' - Reese Witherspoon - Rotten Tomatoes rates it a ridiculously low 7%. It seems like 'Hot Pursuit' came to a crashing halt while chasing more positive reviews.

'Battlefield Earth' - John Travolta - This film not only flopped in theaters, but bankrupted a production company along the way.

'Showgirls' - Elizabeth Berkley - Our beloved 'Saved by the Bell' actress went a little too wild with this poorly-rated film. Since 'Showgirls' flopped, Berkley has been far from the spotlight.

'Woo' - Jada Pinkett Smith - In the '90s, Jada Pinkett Smith was one of the top actors to cast. But her role in this film about a mismatched blind date put her leading lady status on hiatus.

'Town & Country' - Warren Beatty - Another rom-com gone wrong, this 2001 film lost its studio over US$100 million.

'Rollerball' - Chris Klein - This 2002 film was a notorious flop. Once thought to be an up-and-coming leading man, Klein's prominence fell with this obscure sports film.

'Pinocchio' - Roberto Benigni - This classic story turned live-action film was a major dud for Benigni. 'Pinocchio' received a 0% critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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