Celebrities making strides for social justice

Prince Harry - Prince Harry visited orphans in Lesotho, where he has a charity organization that helps South African children in need.

Prince William - Prince William helped the army during floods at a gas station in Dachet, southern England.

Shakira - The singer visited students at Loma del Peye in Barranquilla, Colombia. The school building was funded by Shakira's Barefoot Foundation.

George Clooney - The actor was welcomed by senator John Kerry during a trip to South Sudan in Africa. The country's civil conflicts left more than two million children without a home.

Madonna - The Queen of Pop gives students necklaces during a ceremony at the Raising Malawi Academy For Girls, an institution she founded in the capital Lilongwe.

Elton John - The singer visited a hospital for HIV-positive children in the city of Makeyevka, Ukraine. He also founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Paris Hilton - The socialite visited a shelter for people who were affected by the earthquake in the city of Xochimilco, near Mexico City.

Leonardo DiCaprio - The actor has long been an environmental activist. He was also appointed a UN Messenger of Peace and has founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Orlando Bloom - The actor is also a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador. He visited a refugee camp in Gevgelija, Macedonia (on the border with Greece).

Oprah Winfrey -
The TV host attended the first graduating ceremony at a school she founded in Johannesburg, South Africa. She handed out the diplomas at the Leadership Academy for Girls.

Brigitte Bardot - The French actress and animal activist spoke out about seal hunting in Ottawa, Canada.

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