Celebrities who are afraid of flying

Travis Barker -
Travis Barker certainly has good reason for his fear of flying after surviving a deadly plane crash back in 2008.

Jennifer Aniston -
According to People, Jennifer Aniston has a "real fear of flying" after a plane she was a passenger in declared an emergency during a birthday trip to Mexico.

Ben Affleck -
Ben Affleck has had a fear of flying ever since the plane he was traveling in as a nine-year-old was hit by lightning, resulting in one of the engines catching fire.

Megan Fox -
Megan Fox has revealed that she always listens to Britney Spears when flying—because she is convinced it will stop her from dying in a plane crash! 

Colin Farrell - He admitted his phobia to Playboy magazine in 2003, He says he hates getting on a plane and breaks out in sweat every time he does so.

Sandra Bullock -
In an article in the New York Times, Sandra Bullock admits to being "deathly afraid of flying" ever since surviving a plane crash-landing in 2000.

Kirsten Dunst -
Rather than avoid flying period, Kirsten Dunst dulls the loud and scary noise of take-offs and landings by wearing  headphones.

Jennifer Connelly -
During an interview with the Irish Examiner, Jennifer Connelly opened up about her flight phobia, believing that she's the worst celebrity flyer.

Lucy Hale -
'Pretty Little Liars' and 'Katy Keene' star Lucy Hale has in the past admitted to having a phobia of flying. 

Shailene Woodley -
Shailene Woodley admitted on the 'Late Late Show' a few years back that she had a fear of flying. 

Nick Jonas -
In a conversation with Cosmopolitan, singer, songwriter, and actor Nick Jonas confessed, "I hate flying. 

DJ Khaled -
DJ Khaled managed to overcome his decade-long fear of flying... and earned US$67 million in two years as a result.

Howard Stern -
Shock jock Howard Stern is a nervous flyer and is paranoid that his plane will crash. Whenever he can, he discourages others from flying.

Gary Barlow -
In a story carried by the Irish Independent newspaper, Take That singer Gary Barlow admits to having a real phobia of being on a plane. 

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