Celebrities who call Singapore home

Nic Kaufmann - TikTok star Nic Kaufmann was born in Singapore in 2000. Having lived there until high school, Kaufmann is now based in Munich, Germany with his family.

Gong Li - A-list actress Gong Li is well-known for being one of the golden actresses in Chinese film. She gave up her Chinese citizenship in 2008 and officially became a Singaporean on 8 Nov 2008.

Jet Li - Another A-list actor who gave up his Chinese citizenship to become Singaporean, is Jet Li. 

Ross Butler -  He was born in Singapore and moved to the US, where he became a citizen when he was four.

Jackie Chan - When we hear about Jackie Chan, the first thing that comes to mind is his status as a Hong Kong A-list action star.

Jackie Chan - However, what many do not know about this actor is that he has been a Singapore permanent resident since 1998.

Zhao Wei - Star of ‘My Fair Princess’, Zhao Wei is one of China’s highest-paid actresses. Along with her husband, businessman Huang You Long, Zhao Wei is a Singaporean permanent resident.

Tila Tequila - Her parents were Vietnamese boat people and Tila was born in Singapore. 

Cecelia Chung - 8days reports that Hong Kong actress Cecelia Chung loves flying over to Singapore for vacation. Did you know that she is a Singaporean permanent resident too?

Vivian Hsu - Taiwanese Singer and actress Vivian Hsu married Singaporean businessman Sean Lee in 2014. The two have a son together.

Michelle Saram - Known for her roles in Hong Kong's TVB, did you know that Michelle Saram is Singaporean and was born and raised in Singapore? 

Richard Chandler - New Zealand native and billionaire Richard Chandler is the owner of the Clermont investment group. He moved to Singapore in 2006.

Zhang Yong - Zhang Yong is the owner of the Hai Di Lao hotpot chain and was originally based in China. He moved with his family to Singapore and became a naturalized Singaporean.

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