Celebrities who don't believe in God

Daniel Radcliffe - In an interview with The Telegraph, the actor admitted that he was an atheist.

Joaquin Phoenix - Joaquin Phoenix was cited in the book 'Amazing Truths: How Science and the Bible Agree' as not believing in God, nor religion, nor even the concept of a soul.

Keira Knightly - The British actress has spoken openly several times about the fact that she does not believe in God.

Jodie Foster - In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2007, Jodie Foster revealed she'd never found reason nor proof to make her believe in God.

Helen Mirren - The actress revealed in an interview with Esquire that she was a spiritual person, but that she didn't believe in God.'

Björk - The singer reportedly said that she just believed in herself, but not in any type of God.

Amber Heard - The actress has declared herself an atheist since the age of 16, but she supports the rights of others to practice their faith.

Ian McKellan - The actor is another public figure who has openly spoken about not believing in God. He said that if God did exist, then he wasn't part of his life.

Seth MacFarlane - The actor and producer spoke to Esquire magazine, saying that people who didn't believe in God needed to speak out more.

Julianne Moore - Julianne Moore revealed that she didn't believe in God to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ricky Gervais - The comedian has spoken several times against all types of religion. He doesn't believe in God, and much less in people involved in the world's religions.

Patton Oswalt - The comedian and actor has already pushed the point that he doesn't believe in God or religion in several of his performances.

Howard Stern - Howard Stern is one of the figures in Hollywood who has most often spoken out about his disbelief in God.

Hugh Laurie - According to the book 'On Gratitude,' Laurie said that he did not consider himself a man of God, or any other religion.

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