Celebrities who don't drink alcohol

Tyra Banks
The famous former model has said in interviews that she only drank once when she was 12 and doesn't feel the need to drink.

Megan Fox recently spoke about the night that led her to quit drinking.

Patricia Heaton
In July, Patricia Heaton revealed that she was three years sober after years of disordered drinking. 

Natalie Portman
In an interview with Marie Claire, Portman said she had never been interested in drugs or alcohol and that she hasn't been drunk in a long time.

Kim Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian explained to Cosmopolitan that her sister hates the taste of alcohol, and rarely touches it.

Katy Perry
The singer has said in interviews that she hasn't felt the urge to touch alcohol since 2010.

Joe Manganiello
The actor gave up boozing completely because he felt it was derailing his career.

Jim Carrey
In an interview with CBS the actor said that life is too beautiful to drink alcohol or take drugs.

Drugs and alcohol cast a shadow over the rapper's life for years, but Eminem has now been sober for nearly 10 years.

Blake has spoken several times about how she doesn't like drinking alcohol, but she did admit to Vogue that she uses alcohol in her cooking.

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