Celebrities who lost all their money

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop was supposedly US$400 million in debt at the time of his tragic death. He was also reportedly close to foreclosure on his famous Neverland home.

50 Cent - The rapper filed for bankruptcy in 2015 after he was ordered to pay US$5 million to a woman who said he posted her sex tape online without her permission.

Pamela Anderson - The former 'Baywatch' star was forced to sell her Malibu home for more than US$7 million to pay what she owed in overdue taxes to the IRS.

Floyd Mayweather - Despite being nicknamed "Money," the boxer owes a whopping US$20 million or more to the IRS.

Stephen Baldwin - The actor filed for bankruptcy in 2009 as he owed money on taxes and a couple of mortgages.

Larry King - In 1978, the late talk show host's debt reached US$353,000, which caused him to declare bankruptcy just months before he landed the radio show that led to his 25-year gig on CNN.

MC Hammer - The 'U Can't Touch This' rapper went on a spending spree and had to declare bankruptcy in 1996 as he was US$13 million in debt.

Burt Reynolds -
The 'Boogie Nights' actor filed for bankruptcy in 1996 when he was US$10 million in debt.

Cyndi Lauper - The 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' singer filed for bankruptcy in the early 1980s before she became the pop sensation she still is today.

Dennis Rodman - In 2012, the eccentric former basketball player owed more than US$800,000 in child support for his two kids, but claimed he could barely afford his basic expenses.

Tom Petty - The rocker declared bankruptcy in 1979 after his record label was acquired by another company which forced the label to void his contract.

Janice Dickinson - The former supermodel filed for bankruptcy in 2013 after falling about US$800,000 in debt due to unpaid taxes and plastic surgery bills.

Michael Vick - The former Falcons quarterback filed for bankruptcy in 2008 after spending 21 months in prison for operating a dog-fighting ring.

Gary Busey -
The 'Lethal Weapon' actor filed for bankruptcy in 2012 with debts between US$500,000 and US$1 million.

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