Celebrities who were told they wouldn't succeed

Kate Winslet -
According to reports, when the actress was 14 years old, her drama teacher commented that she could potentially find success taking "fat girl parts" if she would settle for that. 

Sally Field-Field's agent informed her that she couldn't transition from TV to film due to her alleged lack of beauty and talent. Unfazed she swiftly dismissed her agent with the words "You're fired."

Lady Gaga -
Gaga mentioned in a New York Daily News article that she faced continuous criticism regarding her looks, particularly her nose and, her first record label let her go within a few months.

Reese Witherspoon -
Prior to 'Legally Blonde,' Witherspoon was rejected time and time again, being told she wasn't tall enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger -
Many Hollywood insiders doubted his ability to venture into acting due to his accent, muscular physique, and challenging name.

Shakira -
Shakira's music teacher once compared her voice to a goat, but now she is one of the most famous singers in the world!

Jay-Z -
Despite being rejected by record labels for not meeting their standards, he has become the top-earning artist in America. Undeterred, he has even established his own music and recording label.

Maggie Gyllenhaal -
Like other women in the entertainment field, she faced criticism despite being Jake Gyllenhaal's sister, being deemed insufficiently attractive for major film roles.

Walt Disney -
A 22-year-old Walt Disney reportedly lost his job at a Missouri newspaper for "not being creative enough."

Elvis Presley -
According to his manager, the King was advised to abandon his musical aspirations and return to his previous job as a truck driver after his debut performance.

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