Celebrities With Depression

Kirsten Dunst:
The 39-year-old actor has revealed that when she was in her 20s, she entered a rehab center for help with depression.

Gwyneth Paltrow:
I couldn't connect.” She dealt with clinical depression, too, after her father died in 2002. 

Kristen Bell:
 The actress, known for voicing the character of Anna in the movie Frozen, says she’s had depression since she was in college.

Dwayne Johnson:
He’s one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, but “The Rock” recently opened up about depression to the Express, a British newspaper.

Jon Hamm:
Just like his character Don Draper on Mad Men, Hamm has battled some heavy stuff.

Bruce Springsteen:
“The Boss” had bouts of depression in his 60s that “lasted for a long time,” he told CBS Sunday Morning.

Ashley Judd:
 This Kiss the Girls actress had what she calls a “dysfunctional” childhood.

Lady Gaga:
 Gaga isn't ashamed to admit she takes medication for depression. 

Katy Perry:
The pop star shared her struggles with depression during a 96-hour livestream on YouTube.

Naomi Judd:
 Ashley's mother, Naomi Judd, the country music icon, died by suicide in April 2022 after a long battle with depression.

Michael Phelps:
 The swimmer who’s won 28 Olympic medals said his first “depression spell” happened in 2004.

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