Celebrities with quirky body parts

Matthew Perry's short finger
‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry is missing the top of his middle finger as a result of a door slamming on his finger as a child.

Vince Vaughn was involved in a car accident when he was 17, causing him to lose the tip of his right thumb.

Comedian Stephen Colbert often shows off his floppy ear, and why wouldn’t he? He looks great!

Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet. On 'The Jonathan Ross Show,' Kutcher playfully responded to Jonathan Ross teasing him that “when everything else is this good looking, something has to be messed up.”

Steven Tyler's toes are squashed
The Aerosmith front man's toes overlapped from the sheer number of concerts he’s played in tight shoes. 

Lily Allen was born with a third nipple. It reportedly could easily be mistaken for a freckle or a mole. Allen is, as she should be, not embarrassed or shy about it at all.

Nick Jonas's three front teeth
Although you would never notice it because he has such a stunning smile, Nick Jonas actually has three front teeth.

Joaquin Phoenix's lip
Although it’s barely noticeable, especially when he’s rocking a beard, Joaquin Phoenix has a cleft lip. This is very common, occurring in one .

Halle Berry has long been rumored to have been born with a sixth toe on one foot. Photographs of what appears to be an extra digit next to her pinky have circulated the internet for some time.

Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington broke his pinky finger playing basketball, and now he can bend it to a 45-degree angle, which he demonstrated on 'The Graham Norton Show.'

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