Celebrity book clubs to join right now

Sarah Jessica Parker -
The 'Sex and the City' star is the honorary chair of the American Library Association’s Book Club Central. SJP Picks lists a number of books the actress recommends.

Sarah Jessica Parker -
Parker also has a page on Goodreads that you can follow. 

Reese’s Book Club -
Members of Reese Witherspoon's book club not only have access to monthly book picks, but also to "parties, presents, perks and other really good stuff."

Reese’s Book Club -
But there's more! If you join Reese’s Book Club, you'll also have access to discussions, meetups, and more. Plus, the fact that it has its own app makes it even cooler!

Tonight Show Summer Reads -
In 2018, Jimmy Fallon launched a 'Tonight Show' summer book club, where viewers could vote and choose the book out of a selection of five.

Tonight Show Summer Reads -
The winning book in 2022 was 'Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow' by Gabrielle Zevin.

Sarah Michelle Gellar -
The star of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' keeps it simple. She shares her book recommendations on social media using the hashtag #SMGbookclub.

Shonda Rhimes -
While Rhimes doesn't have a book club as such, she does share her book recommendations on a section of her website shondaland.

Mindy Kaling -
Not only is she an author, but Kaling is also known for sharing her book recommendations on social media.

Read With Jenna -
Read With Jenna is a book club by Jenna Bush Hager (George W. Bush's daughter) that offers monthly book picks and discussions.

Vaginal Fantasy Book Club -
Actress Felicia Day, together with Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton, and Kiala Kazebee, launched this book club.

Vaginal Fantasy Book Club -
It primarily focuses on romance novels with strong female characters. In addition to their website, you can also find their picks on Goodreads.

Andrew Luck Book Club -
The NFL star's book club has picks for both adults and children (which he calls "rookies" and "veterans").

Roxane Gay -
The American writer is also worth following if you're looking for book recommendations. She usually does so on Medium, Tumblr, and Goodreads.

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