Celebrity tarot: find out what their birth cards reveal

Taylor Swift -
Taylor Swift's tarot cards, tied to her Sagittarius birth date, reveal her adventurous spirit and ever-curious nature. 

Jenna Ortega -
Born in Libra, her tarot interpretation reflects an innate sense of balance and grace.

Justin Bieber -
Bieber's tarot journey, influenced by his Pisces birth date, speaks to his emotional streak and artistic sensibility.

Miley Cirus -
With Scorpio in her birth chart, the tarot cards reflect her transformative and intense personality.

Rihanna -
The tarot cards associated with Rihanna's birth date in Pisces reveal her dreamy creativity and magnetic charisma.

Tom Hanks -
Born under the nurturing sign of Cancer, Tom Hanks' tarot journey showcases his enduring warmth and talent.

Madonna -
Born under the regal sign of Leo, Madonna's tarot reading embodies her enduring charisma and fiery ambition.

Beyoncé -
Influenced by her Virgo birth date, Beyoncé's tarot cards showcase her attention to detail and regal presence.

Tom Cruise -
Born under the sign of Cancer, his tarot cards reveal Cruise's deep emotional connections and tenacious pursuit of his goals, often extending to his work and colleagues.

Harry Styles -
Harry Styles' tarot cards, tied to his Aquarius birth date, mirror his charming quirkiness and artistic evolution.

Drake -
With Scorpio in his birth chart, Drake's tarot reading captures his intense lyrical prowess and emotional resonance.

Chris Martin -
Born under the compassionate sign of Pisces, Chris Martin's tarot cards embody his soulful melodies and humanitarian spirit.

George Clooney -
This tarot enthusiast's cards are tied to his Taurus birth date. They embody his timeless elegance and humanitarian heart.

Margot Robbie -
Born under Cancer, Margot Robbie's tarot reading unveils her magnetic screen presence and dynamic versatility.

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