Celebs spotted using public transport

Angelina Jolie -
The few celebrities who regularly use public transport continued doing so even during the pandemic.

Padma Lakshmi -
New York local Padma Lakshmi was spotted leaving the Chambers Street subway station wearing a floral mask.

Rihanna - Rihanna was seen taking the London underground to attend the BRIT Awards in 2012.

Drew Barrymore - The actress is caught by a photographer while taking public transport.

Christina Ricci - The actress blends in with other commuters during a subway ride in New York.

Jessica Alba - The actress also seems to be comfortable taking the subway.

Naomi Watts - The actress takes her sons, Alexander Pete and Samuel Kai, to school.

Karlie Kloss - The beautiful model is photographed leaving the Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Station in New York.

Matthew Broderick - The actor is a subway regular, no matter the weather. 

Christy Turlington - The famous supermodel doesn't seem to mind waiting for the subway.

Julianne Moore - The Hollywood star is spotted using her phone at a New York subway station.

Hilary Duff - Duff goes unnoticed, despite her bright outfit, among the other passenger

Bradley Cooper - The actor is spotted again wearing sunglasses and a hat on the New York subway with his daughter Lea. 

Rita Ora - The singer keeps her head down after being spotted at St Pancras Station in London, UK.

Sebastian Stan - The 'Pam & Tommy' star waits for the train at a subway station.

Michael Emerson - The 'Lost' and 'Person Of Interest' star is spotted reading at a New York subway statio

Nicole Scherzinger - The famous singer is spotted at Oxford Circus underground station in London, UK.

Geri Halliwell - The Spice Girl is spotted arriving at Manchester Piccadilly train station in the UK with her son, Monty.

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