Celebs who embrace their natural hair

Zendaya - Zendaya is constantly changing up her look. She's had short hair, straight, long, curly and even this beautiful 'fro.

Solange - Beyoncé's singer-songwriter sister is often seen with her curly hair loose and natural.

Beyoncé -
The American singer occasionally wears her hair curly, long and blonde.

Antoinette Robertson -
The American actress rocks this half-up, voluminous style at an event.

Jessica Williams - The American actress and comedian likes to wear her hair big and beautiful.

Lupita Nyong'o - The Kenyan actress usually wears her hair quite short, and always with the natural texture.

Lilli Cooper - The American actress wore her curly hair up in a bun for this event.

Alicia Keys - The American R&B/soul singer is another star who likes to switch up her hairdo. At this event, she had her curls tied up in pigtails.

Shakira - The Colombian singer has always kept her hair naturally curly.

Taraji P. Henson - The American actress is another celeb who has worn her hair in various styles, but this style is without a doubt the most glamorous!

Halle Berry - The American actress has changed up her look many times. This is one of her more glamorous styles.

Rihanna - The singer is a true chameleon and she has styled her hair in countless different ways, including keeping her hair natural and dying it red.

Dominique Young Unique - American rapper and model Dominique Young Unique has voluminous curls and isn't afraid to show them off!

Jade Avia - The British personality shows off her gorgeous smile and beautiful, natural hair.

Ryan Michelle Bathe - The American actress parted her voluminous hair to the side and showed off her curls at this event.

Fleur East - The British singer, composer, rapper and model turned heads with her sexy look and colored curls swept across her head.

Kelly Rowland - The American singer and composer wore her hair loose and natural, parted down the middle.

Corinne Bailey Rae - The British soul-music singer also has curly hair.

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