Celebs who have collapsed, fainted, and passed out in public

Justin Bieber - Back in 2013, Justin Bieber collapsed on stage in the middle of a concert in London.

Justin Bieber - Bieber was suffering from shortness of breath during the show, and was given oxygen by doctors backstage.

Kelly Osbourne - In 2013, the TV personality fainted on stage while filming 'Fashion Police.'

Kelly Osbourne - TMZ reported that Osbourne fell off her chair and suffered a seizure. She was stretchered away into an ambulance, and raced to hospital.

Tim McGraw - Tim McGraw is another musician who collapsed on stage, during a show in Dublin, Ireland.

Tim McGraw - The singer was performing a set at the Country to Country festival, when he collapsed due to dehydration.

Wendy Williams - Wendy Williams is a popular presenter in the US, who fainted during a live taping of her self-named show.

Wendy Williams - The presenter, dressed as the Statue of Liberty for Halloween, fell backwards and fainted. Fans thought it was a joke, before Williams clarified.

Kelly Rowland - The star travelled to Lagos, Nigeria, in 2007. There, she performed at ThisDay Music Festival.

Kelly Rowland - However, while on stage, Rowland collapsed due to dehydration. She was taken to an unnamed hospital, and left in good health.

Kid Cudi - The humming rapper has had a few hits over the years, but Kid Cudi actually collapsed during a concert in Chicago.

Kid Cudi - Cudi was performing at the North Coast Music Festival in August 2014. The rapper was high-fiving fans one minute, before collapsing backwards onto the floor.

Alexa Ray Joel - She's a singer, songwriter, and just so happens to be Billy Joel's daughter. She collapsed while playing to a sold-out crowd in April 2014.

Alexa Ray Joel - Joel was rushed to hospital, and was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope. The condition stops blood from blowing to the brain, causing one to collapse.

Gillian McKeith - The Scottish presenter got into trouble back in 2010, after she "fainted" while participating on the reality show, 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.'

Gillian McKeith -
McKeith was chosen to take part in a "Bushtucker Trial," which can involve eating live insects. The celebrity seemed to "faint," but many viewers, and participants, weren't sold.

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