Celebs who married the same person twice

Elizabeth Taylor -
Taylor was first married to Richard Burton between 1964 and 1974, and he adopted her daughters. She then married him again in 1975, only to divorce him a year later.

Melanie Griffith -
They married again in 1989, and this time it lasted seven years. Their famous daughter Dakota Johnson was born in 1989.

Eminem -
The Real Slim Shady has only been married to one woman in his life, but he has been married to that one woman twice. He first married Kim Scott in 1999.

Pamela Anderson -
Former 'Baywatch' star Pamela Anderson married her third husband, Rick Salomon, twice. Their first period as a married couple was between 2007 and 2008.

Larry King -
Larry King was a serial husband. He was married a total of eight times to seven different women. The wife he married twice was Alene Akins.

Barbara Walters -
Barbara Walters has been married four times to a total of three different men. The husband she married twice was Merv Adelson.

Elliott Gould -
Actor Elliott Gould has been married three times to two different women. His first wife was Barbra Streisand, to whom he was married from 1963 to 1971.

Judge Judy -
Judge Judy has been married three times to two different men. Her first husband was Ronald Levy; the couple married in 1964 and divorced in 1976.

Rodney Dangerfield -
Comedian Rodney Dangerfield was married to his first wife twice. They were first married between 1949 and 1962, and then again between 1963 and 1970.

Frida Kahlo -
Famed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo only had one husband during her lifetime, but she married that husband twice. He was fellow artist Diego Rivera.

Marie Osmond -
Marie Osmond first married Steve Craig in 1982, but by 1985 they were divorced. The couple then remarried in 2011, and have been together ever since.

Jean-Claude Van Damme -
Jean-Claude Van Damme has been married a total of five times to four different women. He married bodybuilder Gladys Portugues twice.

Dionne Warwick -
Legendary singer Dionne Warwick was married twice to the same man. She first married William Elliott in 1966, and they divorced a year later.

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