Celebs who rock a hairy chest

Hugh Jackman -
Everyone knows Wolverine has a hairy chest!

Henry Cavill -
One of the few men in recent years who can pull off the mustache and hairy chest combo.

Tom Selleck -
The actor has been a chest hair ambassador since his days on 'Magnum, P.I.' (1980–1988).

Sean Connery -
Of course, James Bond had to rock a hairy chest. Here is the late actor on set of 'Diamonds Are Forever' (1971).

Nicolas Cage -
The actor didn't need to undo a lot of buttons to expose his hairy chest. Nowadays they're just a bit gray and weaker, but they're still there!

Russell Brand -
The British star became known for his flamboyant style, which often included an exposed hairy chest.

Simon Cowell -
The music mogul became known for his button-down look... and his hairy chest.

Ed Westwick -
The 'Gossip Girl' star is certainly proud of his hairy chest.

Michael Sheen -
With or without a beard, the hairy chest is always there.

Kanye West -
His beard might be perfectly trimmed, but West likes his chest hair to look wild.

Shawn Mendes -
He's young, he's hip, and he rocks a hairy chest. The Canadian singer-songwriter embraces his natural body hair.

John Legend -
John Legend being the style icon that he is knows that a hairy chest can work well with a number of outfits. Chrissy Teigen certainly approves!

Nick Jonas -
It's refreshing to see Nick Jonas bringing the whole hairy chest look to a younger demographic.

Ashton Kutcher -
This photo was taken in 2002, during a Halloween party. Probably when the actor started having chest hair...

Russell Crowe -
The actor's chest hair might have gone gray, but it's still there, popping out of V-necks occasionally.

Mark Ruffalo -
Since the beginning of his career, the actor has always embraced his natural body hai

Josh Lucas -
The blue eyes, the blue shirt, the blonde hair, and... the hairy chest to match. The actor's got the total package.

Adrien Brody -
A white silk shirt and skull necklace just work a lot better when you have a hairy chest. Apparently!

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