Celebs with surprising accents

Christian Bale -
Many people were surprised to be reminded of this fact when, at the Golden Globes in 2019, Bale gave an acceptance speech in his original, British accent.

Rose Byrne -
Actress Rose Byrne, who appears in films such as 'Get Him to the Greek' and 'Bridesmaids,' often plays characters with American accents.

Tom Holland -
Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, is another actor who speaks with an American accent while in superhero mode.

Jamie Dornan -
Jamie Dornan, who is best known for portraying the character of Christian Grey in the 'Fifty Shades' franchise, is not actually American but Irish.

Daniel Day-Lewis - Daniel Day-Lewis has been described as "one of the most talented actors in film history," it makes sense that he would be good at imitating accents.

Henry Cavill -
Henry Cavill is another British actor who plays a superhero with an American accent. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones -
Although the award-winning actress has been in the United States for years, she nonetheless retains her original Welsh accent.

Hugh Jackman -
Whenever he speaks in interviews, Hugh Jackman of course uses his native accent, which is, in fact, Australian.

Millie Bobby Brown -
The actress was actually born in Spain, but raised in the UK, hence the unmistakable English accent she uses in the 2020 film 'Enola Holmes.'

Margot Robbie -
Although Margot Robbie speaks with an American accent in many of her films, including the recent 'Birds of Prey,' she was actually born and raised in Australia.

Rosamund Pike - She has played a number of American characters over the course of her career, but she's actually from London.

Yael Stone -
Yael Stone's character on 'Orange Is the New Black' speaks with a thick "mixture of Brooklyn and Boston" accent, but Stone herself is actually Australian. 

KJ Apa -
In real life the 'Riverdale' actor actually speaks with a Kiwi accent thanks to his roots in Auckland, New Zealand.

Damian Lewis -
In series such as 'Homeland,' Damian Lewis imitates an American accent. In real life, however, he speaks with an unmistakable English accent.

Katherine Langford -
The star of '13 Reasons Why,' Katherine Langford joins the ranks of Australian actors and actresses who speak with an impeccable American accent.

Bob Morley -
Star of 'The 100,' Bob Morley has an Australian accent in real life. He was born and raised in Kyneton, a small country town in Victoria, Australia.

Eliza Taylor -
Bob Morley's co-star on the 'The 100,' Eliza Taylor also has an Australian accent, and apparently hers is even more pronounced than Morley's.

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