Charlize Theron and her style evolution

1998 - Theron has always had an eye for fashion, so the only surprise looking back here is seeing her with dark hair instead of blonde.

2001 - Theron nailed it at one of her first big red carpet events, alongside Keanu Reeves at the Golden Globes.

2003 - Theron showed off her bangs during media appearances in 2003.

2004 - When she won her Oscar, she was the definition of glamorous. From the cut of the dress to the hairstyle, everything went right for Theron that night.

2007 - Indeed, 2007 was a year of lighter and brighter outfits for Theron. She started wearing white again, and the bangs also made a comeback.

2009 - With the hair and the dress, Theron seems to be channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe.

2010 - Yes, 2010 wasn't Theron's best year for fashion, as can be seen by this futuristic dress.

2012 - Red is another color that Theron almost always pulls off. This classy dress was one of the highlights on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards.

2014 - Theron looked gorgeous in this black-and-white number at the Met Gala.

2015 - During photo calls for 'Mad Max: Fury Road' she wore this short black dress with a scarf to match. Spot on!

2016 - Here, the actress went formal, leaving the dresses and gowns at home in favor of this suit, which was a pleasant surprise.

2017 - Theron was turning heads again at the Cannes Film Festival in this black dress, which featured lots of lace detailing.

2018 - She went dark into 2018 as well, this time toning down the glamour, but dialing up the chic.

2019 - The actress looked elegant as ever during an appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

2020 -
This look at the BAFTAs was one of her finest, if not the best, of 2020.

2021 -
This look for the world premiere of 'F9' was certainly not her best!

2022 -
A dark-haired Charlize, in an outfit made for a vixen! She stole the spotlight at Elle's annual Women in Hollywood event.

2023 -
Redemption for that 'F9' premiere look came in the form of this choice for the Rome premiere of 'Fast X.'

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