Cinema's memorable bathtub moments

'The Notebook' (2004) -
This touching bathtub scene between Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling is one of several tender moments that take place in 'The Notebook.'

'Last Tango In Paris' (1972) -  Maria Schneider's dip in the bathtub was one of many scenes that had the censors running for the robe.

'Some Like It Hot' (1959) -  'Some Like It Hot' features this tender bathtub scene with Josephine—really Joe (Tony Curtis)—and Sugar Kane Kowalczyk (Marilyn Monroe).

'Wild Wild West' (1998) -
Captain James T. West (Will Smith) enjoys a little hot tub rest and relaxation with a friend between running down the bad guys in this wacky steampunk Western.

'The Cincinnati Kid' (1965) -
Eric Stoner, the "Cincinnati Kid," played by Steve McQueen, relaxes in the tub while wooing Tuesday Weld between rounds of poker in this well-received drama.

'Pillow Talk' (1959) -
Doris Day takes a call from an unseen Rock Hudson as she soaks in the tub in this enjoyable scene from 'Pillow Talk.'

'La Parisienne' (1957) -
Brigitte Bardot strikes a provocative bathtub pose in a scene from the French film 'La Parisienne.'

'What Lies Beneath' (2000) -
The chilling bathtub sequence in 'What Lies Beneath' sees Michelle Pfeiffer's character Claire survive an attempted drowning.

'Pay Day' (1922) -
Charlie Chaplin dozes off in the bathtub in a hilarious scene from the silent short film 'Pay Day.' He also wrote and directed the picture.

'Paris When It Sizzles' (1964) -
Audrey Hepburn cools down in the bathtub in this scene from the romantic comedy 'Paris When It Sizzles.'

'You Only Live Twice' (1967) -
James Bond (Sean Connery) gets a helping hand or two, or three, as he's sponged down slowly in 1967's 'You Only Live Twice.'

'Kim' (1950) -
Mahbub Ali (Errol Flynn) gives Kim (Dean Stockwell) a bubble bath in a scene from the 1950 adventure film 'Kim.' The movie was partly shot on location in India.

'One Touch of Venus' (1948) -
Ava Gardner soaps up big time in a scene from the 1948 film comedy 'One Touch of Venus.'

'Cafe Society' (1939) -
Madeleine Carroll as Christopher West and Fred MacMurray as Chick O'Bannon engage in some bathtub antics in the romantic comedy 'Cafe Society.' 

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