Common dreams and what they may mean

Having a baby -
This is a very common dream and its interpretation often depends on whether you’re a man or a woman.

Having a baby -
If a woman who is pregnant has this dream, it often simply reflects their excitement. 

Teeth falling out -
The most popular interpretation of this dream is that it means you’re anxious or scared about something that’s changing in your life.

Losing a limb -
It has been interpreted to mean you’re scared about missing out on something.

Feeling trapped -
This dream is thought to be related to frustration in a person’s waking life and often appears when someone is stuck in a dead-end job.

Money -
If you’re dreaming about winning money, dream expert Anna-Karin Bjorklund has suggested this means you feel you are winning in another area of your life. 

Money -
Dreaming about losing money, however, is more likely to simply reflect a negative financial situation in real life.

Food -
Dreaming of a table full of food is often indicative of high levels of happiness and enjoyment in waking life.

Taking exams -
If you’re a child or teenager still in school, it's most likely the dream means you're anxious about upcoming exams.

Taking exams -
If you’re an adult dreaming about being back at school, this may mean you are worried about other people judging you for some reason.

Running on the spot -
The dream often occurs when you’re trying to change something about your life but things are staying the same.

Being invisible -
It can mean that you feel people don’t see or appreciate you enough.

Committing a crime -
Dreams of committing violent crimes can signal overexposure to violence in the media, or strong feelings of anger or resentment.

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