The most common dreams, and what they really mean

Losing teeth: One of the most common types of dreams, it might mean that you're worried about your appearance.

Losing teeth: Dreaming about losing teeth might also be rooted in reality.

Being chased: Running away from something or being chased in your dream suggests that you are running away from something.

Being chased: A behavior of avoidance contributes to this dream, which can also be a recurring dream until you find the issue.

Falling: Falling in a dream may reflect feelings of fear, anxiety, or betrayal.

Falling: Falling dreams can also be caused by letdowns and disappointments.

Cheating: Dreams about you or your partner cheating can be scary, but they're not uncommon. 

Cheating: If you're the one cheating in the dream, it could be about a new element in your life.

Taking a test: Taking an exam in your dream might reveal an underlying fear of failure. 

Taking a test: To dream of failing an exam, being late for one, or being unprepared demonstrates.

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