Countries that changed their names

Australia: This country was once known as New Holland and New South Wales.

Myanmar: The Southeast Asian country was once called Burma and this name is still used in some countries.

Philippines: This country was once part of the Spanish East Indies.

Ethiopia: Before 1974, the land of Ethiopia was combined with Eritrea to form Abyssinia.

Bangladesh: This South Asian country used to be called Eastern Bengal and Assam.

Sri Lanka: From the beginning of British colonial rule, this country was known as Ceylon.

Lesotho: The enclaved country was once a British Crown colony by the name of Basutoland.

Belarus: From 1920 to 1991, this country was known as Byelorussia ("White Russia").

Moldova: Historically, the country known as Moldova was named Bessarabia.

Iraq: In 1932, this country was granted full independence, and was formally named Iraq.

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