These are all the countries where homosexuality is illegal

Afghanistan: Afghanistan’s Sharia law criminalizes same-sex sexual acts for both men and women.

Algeria: The North African nation outlaws same-sex relations.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh criminalizes LGBTQ+ people and sexual activity between males.

Brunei: Brunei outlaws same-sex relations and criminalizes gender expression, meaning a man 'posing' as a woman or vice versa.

Burundi: Sexual relations with someone of the same sex is illegal in Burundi.

Cameroon: Another country that outlaws same-sex relations, one can face six months to five years in prison.

Chad: Chad criminalizes sexual relations with someone of the same sex. 

Chechnya: This small federal republic of Russia has long been a cause of concern for human rights organizations.

Comoros: The volcanic archipelago nation off Africa’s east coast also outlaws same-sex relations.

Dominica: Same-sex relations are also illegal in the Caribbean nation of Dominica.

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