Creative ways to reuse a dead tree

Leave it standing -
If it's not disturbing you in any way, and it's stable, then there is nothing wrong with leaving the tree standing. 

Free firewood -
If the tree is dead anyway, you might as well use the wood to keep you warm in the winter.

Sell it -
Contact a local company and sell the lumber. Depending on the type of tree, you might even make some good money!

Hanging bird feeder -
Use your dead tree to feed the local birds. Hang a bird feeder and see them returning every day to your garden.

Seat -
Tree stumps make great seats. If the tree is thick enough, you can also turn it into a coffee table. You can sand and varnish them for a nice finish. 

Planter -
Cut a hole in the stump, fill it up with soil, and voila!

Bench -
A wooden bench can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. 

Borders -
You can cut your dead tree and use the wood to build garden beds or walkways.

Stepping "stones" -
Simply slice up the tree trunk and use the wood as garden stepping stones.

Stamps -
Use the old wood to create a stamp set for your kids to play with. 

Bird-nesting box -
Give the birds around your house a nice cozy space. It's always nice to have wildlife in your garden. 

Birdbath -
You can hang a birdbath on the tree or even carve one if you want to. 

Floor lamp -
You can use branches to build a lamp. Let your creativity (and electricity) flow!

Wall clock -
You can easy build one, even if only for decor purposes.

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