Cringeworthy emojis that are considered middle-aged

Grimacing face: Of the top 10 emojis that Gen Z would not appreciate, the grimacing face comes in last place.

Alternate emojis: Instead, you can pick an emoji that shows a little more stake in the information presented. 

Alternate text: Since the grimace can be read in many ways, and is largely not contributive to the conversation.

Lipstick kiss mark: A famous image printed across all sorts of signs, shirts, mugs, pillows.

Alternate emojis: The heart face emoji is popular among younger people because it’s not so rooted in a clichéd sexual.

Alternate text: Instead of risking being misunderstood through the many interpretations of what a kiss emoji could mean.

Clapping hands: Perhaps since this emoji could come off as a slow, sarcastic clap.

Alternate emojis: If you want to celebrate someone, go for a raising hands emoji, or even a champagne popping emoji.

Alternate text: Congratulating someone and explicitly detailing what you appreciate, or adding a complementary response.

Monkey covering eyes: While it may seem playful and sweet to use an emoji of a monkey covering its eyes.

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