Cute animals celebrating Valentine's Day

Kissing techniques -
"If we come together like this, it makes a perfect V... V for Valentine's!"

Bear hugs -
"Everything's gonna be just fine. You'll see!"

Just friends? -
"Well, I know what you're thinking!"

Butting heads -
"We sometimes argue, but it always gets resolved quickly!"

A declaration of love -
"This is... well, an official declaration of love."

Swan lake -
"What a perfect angle!"

Learning to kiss -
"Ok, so the most important thing is to keep your eyes closed."

Last minute gift -
"It's been a nightmare retrieving this from the branches, but all the stores are closed already!"

In great shape -
"Yes, we managed it! I'm just worried about how we are going to get untangled..."

A gift -
"I got you a gift... but I can't tell you what it is until tomorrow!"

Thoughtful -
"This was a very considerate gift. It'll keep me going for a long time, no doubt!"

Love birds -
"Wow, talk about a romantic meal!"

Possessive -
"This is mine, and I won't be giving it to anyone else. Thank you."

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