Cute Animals with Big Ears

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Fennec Fox: The fennec fox is a small fox with unusually big ears found in the Sahara Desert and the Sinai Peninsula. 

Bloodhound Dog: The Bloodhound is an interesting dog used by police and law enforcement to track lost people, pets, escaped prisoners, etc. 

Bassett Hound Dog: The next animal with big ears is a cute dog with floppy ears called Basset Hounds.

Flemish Giant Rabbit: The next animal with a huge ear is the rabbit called the Flemish Giant rabbit.

Brown Hares: The European hare is also known as the brown hare is a nocturnal species of a hare that should not be confused.

Cape Fox: The Cape Fox is also called the cama fox or the silver-backed fox is a small nocturnal species of fox found in Angola.

Gerenuk: The next animal with cute and big ears is the antelope called Gerenuk.

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