Cute photos of cats doing typical cat things

Cats: an inexhaustible classic - Cat photos have long been one of the basic pillars of Internet entertainment. These homely felines offer us great moments. Let's have a look at some cat snapshots.

Human, give me five more minutes - A cat can sleep up to 16 hours a day, but this one, if he wants to, reaches 20 hours.

Human, listen to me - What, are you losing your game? What do I care?

Human, am I handsome? - Kitty has a birthday and put on her best clothes.

Man, I love movies - What movie is it? Of course, 'The Aristocats.'

Can I have seconds? - Do you think Kitty can eat everything?

Human, this chair is mine - There are looks that speak for themselves. This one says: "Find yourself another seat."

Human, am I a rabbit? - Easter has arrived!

Human, I'm adorable - Why put a plastic cone on Kitty when you can put a cute heart on her?

Human, I'm bored - How do you entertain a cat? As you have already seen, 'The Aristocats' and 'The Mandalorian' are two great options.

Human, bow for me - He was already the king of the house but now it is clear that he knows it - and he knows that you know it.

Human, I'm thirsty - Of course, going down to drink water involves moving, and that's very uncomfortable.

Human I love you - There are cats that drive you crazy but in the loving sense of the word.

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