Dangerous creatures found in water

All members of the stonefish family are toxic, dangerous, and even fatal to humans. In fact, they are the most venomous fish out there.

Sea snake
The most poisonous species is the beaked sea snake, whose venom is eight times as toxic as a cobra's.

The majority of pufferfish species are toxic and some are among the most poisonous vertebrates in the world.

Saltwater crocodiles are among the most active of all crocodilians, and this particular species is especially aggressive when humans unknowingly venture into its territory. 

Tiger shark
Named for the dark stripes down its body, which resemble a tiger's pattern, this shark species is second only to the great white in recorded fatal attacks on humans.

The piranha has a fearsome reputation as having one of the strongest bites found in bony fishes. 

Great white shark 
The fact remains, however, that the great white shark is responsible for by far the largest number of recorded shark bite incidents on humans.

Nile crocodile
An apex predator, the Nile crocodile is capable of taking almost any animal within its range, including us.

Lionfish are known for their venomous fin rays, an uncommon feature among reef-dwelling fish along the American East Coast and Caribbean. 

Blue-ringed octopus
One of the most dazzling of mollusks is also recognized as one of the world's deadliest marine animals.

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