Top 10 Dark Truths About the Salem Witch Trials

Animals were accused of being witches:  So, felines, canines, and vermines, as well as any other animal, were put on trial This played a large role in black cats being considered bad luck. 

Top 10 Dark Truths About the Salem Witch Trials: In present day, that would never happen, given the law of the land is that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Witch Cakes" were ways of determining whether you were guilty or not: If we're being honest, if something has the key word "witch" in it, odds are it's really unnerving. 

You could get accused for anything: Anyone could accuse anyone of anything, and given the smallpox and the lousy medical knowledge, paranoia had witches living rent-free in the villagers' heads.

Torturing was a primary way to get a witch to confess: This aspect of the Salem Witch Trials was not too different from the Dark Ages. 

The smallpox outbreak played a role in the trials:  In Salem 1692, 500 people were died of smallpox, an epidemic that caused symptoms in two girls that people believed were instead caused by witches.

The Touch Trial was used to decide who the victims were: The concept behind this test was that victims of witchcraft would have a physical reaction to being touched by the person.

Whether you could swim or not was indicative of whether you were a witch or not: The cruelest and most infamous test of the Salem Witch Trials was the swimming test.

The Salem Witch Trials started long before 1692: Many years before the witch trials happened in Salem, technically in 1692, a law was passed in Britain that probably hastened this witch hunt.

People would look for the Devil's Mark on witches: If you were accused of practicing witchcraft, you had to strip and get searched for the Devil's Mark, and if you had it you died. 

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