Deadliest animals in Canada

Coyotes - Coyotes are native to North America and, while they rarely attacks humans, they have been known to confront people jogging or taking their dogs for a walk.

Coyotes - The first recorded fatal coyote attack occurred in 2009, when Canadian singer Taylor Mitchell was killed at the young age of 19 in Cape Breton Highlands Natural Park.

Moose - Similar to deer, hitting a moose with your vehicle is the most likely way to die by wildlife in New Brunswick.

Moose - However, moose have also been known to attack when agitated, to which two accounts in British Columbia in 2007 and 2009 can attest.

Black widow spiders - Most commonly found in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia, this spider has a killer bite.

Black widow spiders - Its bite can cause nausea, dizziness, swelling, abnormal heart beat. In extreme cases with untreated bites in children, it can be fatal.

Massasauga rattlesnakes - This snake's venom contains a cytotoxic poison that destroys tissues, as well as digestive enzymes that prevent blood from clotting, ensuring a gruesome, bloody affair.

Massasauga rattlesnakes - It is most common in southern Ontario. The massasauga will only attack if it's grabbed or stepped on.

Wolverines - Although small, this animal is stocky and muscular, can run up to 24 km per hour, and has the ability to kill prey much larger than itself.

Wolverines - There aren't many cases of wolverines attacking humans, but if provoked there is no escaping their lethally sharp teeth that have been known to tear through frozen carcasses.

Easy steps to avoid death by wild animals - Don't leave your trash out if you're camping or visiting an area with wild animals in close proximity.

Easy steps to avoid death by wild animals - Wildlife officials advise that the best way to avoid a bear encounter is to make noise while hiking and carry bear spray.

Easy steps to avoid death by wild animals - Don't impose on nature—it was there first! Don't do anything to provoke an animal to attack you. They won't attack if you don't!

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