Delicious cocktails from around the world

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Caipirinha, Brazil: A product of Brazil's rich sugarcane history, the caipirinha tempers sweet brown.

Gin and Tonic, UK: You can't say that all alcohol is bad for you—the origins of the gin and tonic were strictly medicinal.

Gin and Tonic, UK: How to serve: over ice with slices of lemon or lime, cucumber, black pepper, fresh rosemary... get creative.

Ouzo, Greece: How to serve: the spirit should be served over ice to bring out its smokey appearance.

Ouzo, Greece: Ouzo is a uniquely Greek distilled liquor that is flavored with aniseed.

Negroni, Italy: The Negroni was born after an Americano cocktail got introduced to a substantial amount of gin.

Caipirinha, Brazil: How to serve: with crushed ice, slices of lime, and plenty of mint.

Piña Colada, Puerto Rico: Getting caught in the rain may not be so appealing, but who doesn't like piña coladas.

Piña Colada, Puerto Rico: How to serve: Knock yourself out on the garnishes, including slices of tropical fruit.

Negroni, Italy: Ingredients: gin, Campari, sweet red vermout.How to serve: over ice with an orange twist.

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