Desert Animals with Big Ears

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Long-Eared Jerboa: The long-eared jerboa  is the animal with big ears and long tail which is actually a small nocturnal rodent inhabited in the desert.

Mule Deer: The mule deer is a nocturnal deer adapted to desert with enough vegetation and is usually found in North America.

caracal: The caracal, also known as desert lynx, is a nocturnal wild cat found in deserts and other regions of Africa.

Desert Hare: The desert hare, also known as Black-tailed jackrabbits, or simply Jackrabbits is a nocturnal hare adapted to grassland, desert, semi-desert found in Central Asia.

Red Kangaroo: Of course, Kangaroos are big and have large ears but we are now showing the largest of all kangaroos called the ‘red kangaroo’.

African Bush Elephant: African bush elephants found in Sahara deserts in Africa have large ears, of course, other elephants found all over the world.

Dorcas Gazelle: The Dorcas gazelle, also known as the ariel gazelle, is a small gazelle adapted to grassland, desert, semidesert and is found in Africa and Arabia. 

Serval Cat: The serval cat, also known as giraffe cat, is a wild cat that has a small head, large ears, lean body.

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