The destinations with the best accessibility facilities

Stockholm (Sweden): Stockholm has been investing in accessibility ever.

Stockholm (Sweden): This means it has wide, flat streets and pavements.

Vienna (Austria): Fairly flat streets make Vienna a great destination for wheelchair users.

Vienna (Austria): Tourist attractions and businesses are generally well adapted in terms of accessibility.

Berlin (Germany): The German city is one of the best adapted urban centers for visitors with mobility issues. 

Berlin (Germany): As well as accessible streets and hotels, Berlin's public transport has also been well adapted.

London (United Kingdom): Disrespect to wheelchair users in London is a crime according to a law that was passed in the 1990s.

London (United Kingdom): And respect for wheelchair users is not on paper alone.

Playa del Carmen (Mexico): Playa del Carmen is popular with travelers from around the world.

Playa del Carmen (Mexico): Hotels and even beaches have been adapted to be more accessible for visitors.

Ljubljana (Slovenia): Ljubljana's transport system is pretty good in terms of accessibility.

Ljubljana (Slovenia): Elevators to help wheelchair users can be found around the city.

Melbourne (Australia): In Melbourne, public buildings generally have special entrance facilities for people with mobility difficulties.

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