Discover 10 extreme points of Earth

Southernmost point on Earth: The southernmost point on Earth and the southernmost point of land.

Northernmost point on Earth: The northernmost point on Earth is the North Pole.

Westernmost and easternmost points on Earth: The three islands of Fiji are also bissected by the 180th meridian.

Westernmost and easternmost points on Earth: The westernmost and easternmost points on Earth can be found anywhere

Deepest known cave: The deepest known cave on Earth is Veryovkina Cave in Abkhazia.

Highest glacier: Khumbu Glacier on the southwest slopes of Mount Everest.

Highest point on Earth’s surface: The highest point on Earth’s surface measured from sea level.

Farthest point from the axis of Earth: The farthest point on Earth (the point furthest from the axis of Earth).

Highest of any volcano on Earth: Furthermore, with a summit of 6,983 m (22, 615 ft).

Highest point accessible by land vehicle: The highest point accessible by land vehicle is an elevation of 6,688 m.

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