Discover the most beautiful, smaller towns of Italy

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Langhe, Piedmont: With its beautiful landscapes to visit especially in the autumn months, the Langhe, an incredible area of Piedmont, will intoxicate you with its aromas and intense flavors. 

Oristano, Sardinia: For lovers of a crystal clear sea and dreamy beaches, Oristano in central-western Sardinia is the perfect place. Just 9 km  from the sea.

Marina di Pisciotta, Campania: We return to the south and, once again, the coast. This time we're at the Tyrrhenian coast to see Pisciotta, a small town on a hill. 

Scilla, Calabria: We return to the south, this time to discover one of the most delightful places in Calabria: Scilla. It is located just 22 kilometers from the better-known city of Reggio Calabria.

Genoa, Liguria: In Genoa, the capital of Liguria, you can stroll through history and art. Its Via Garibaldi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Bergamo, Lombardy: Bergamo also deserves a spot in our itinerary of lesser-visited Italian places.

Portovenere, Liguria: In 1997, Portovenere was included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with the islands of Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto, and the Cinque Terre. 

Ravenna, Emilia Romagna: On the other hand, history and art lovers shouldn't miss a visit to Ravenna, a city in Emilia-Romagna located a few miles from both Ferrara and Mantua. 

Lucca, Tuscany: Go beyond Florence and visit Lucca, the Tuscan city with its magnificent Piazza dell'Anfiteatro. It was built in 1830 and incorporates the ancient Roman amphitheater.

Gabicce Mare, Marche: Between Pesaro and Urbino, in the Marche region, a small town rises on a bay called Baia degli Angeli.