Dog breeds you should think twice about owning

Siberian Husky
This highly active breed can be hard to play with for kids, as accidents are known to happen.

Australian Shepherd
Herders by nature, this breed can be hard to train, which means they can be tough on a busy household with children.

These giant dogs are sweet-tempered and friendly, but their size can be an issue when playing with small children.

Chow Chows look like big, inviting teddy bears, but they're not the most cuddly of dogs.

 these big dogs are known to play rough with their humans, which could be dangerous for kids under the age of 13.

Like Chihuahuas, a Pekingese is a small dog breed with a big personality. 

Due to their tiny size, many people assume that Chihuahuas are a fit for families with small kids, but that's not really the case.

 The Belgian Malinois' intensity and aggressive tendencies make it a very poor choice for a pet, especially in a household with children.

Shih Tzu
This breed loves to get under your feet, tripping up adults as well as children, which could harm both humans and the dog.

Alaskan Malamute
They may pull, jump, and strain on walks, which can be dangerous if a child is holding the leash.

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