Dog breeds you should think twice about owning

Shih Tzu -
This breed loves to get under your feet, tripping up adults as well as children, which could harm both humans and the dog.

Alaskan Malamute -
This breed looks very similar to Siberian Huskies, but they're bigger. They may pull, jump, and strain on walks, which can be dangerous if a child is holding the leash.

Chow Chow -
Chow Chows look like big, inviting teddy bears, but they're not the most cuddly of dogs. Hugs are usually not so welcome, which can confuse kids.

Akita -
Bred for years to be guard dogs, the Akita's natural instincts can be hard to wean out and may pose a problem on occasions when children are present.

Korean Jindo -
The beautiful Korean Jindo were originally used as hunting dogs. They're also very independent, and not the social doggos many owners wish them to be.

Rottweiler -
Rottweilers are protective guard dog types. This means they can have difficulty distinguishing innocent child's play from a home invasion.

Patterdale Terrier -
Although small, the Patterdale Terrier is an intense dog. Bred almost exclusively for work, they can become a major liability if they're not properly trained.

Dalmatian -
Strong and excitable dogs, this beautiful breed needs a lot of activity and training to remain mannered houseguests. And this takes time and dedication from the owner.

Dutch Shepherd -
Certain breeds also need a lot of dedication and training. Popularly trained for the police and military, the Dutch Shepherd will become destructive if left under-stimulated.

Australian Cattle Dog -
A herding breed used for keeping cattle under control, this temperamental dog can be very difficult for inexperienced dog owners to handle.

Airedale Terrier -
The largest of the terriers, this breed has been used as both a hunting and working dog. Often deemed stubborn, this is another difficult doggo for the novice owner.

Schipperke -
Don't let their size fool you: Schipperkes are tenacious and headstrong, making them sometimes difficult to train.

Catahoula Leopard Dog -
Originally bred to hunt, these large, powerful, and independent dogs need an experienced owner to control them.

Irish Wolfhound -
Another large dog that was originally bred to hunt, Irish Wolfhounds have a relatively short lifespan of only five to seven years.

Shar Pei -
Shar Peis are very territorial doggos who need an assertive owner. Also, their unique skin folds can create health challenges, including chronic skin conditions.

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