Don't choose these places for a first date

The movies -
This used to be a good idea...decades ago. Think about it: how much will you get to know each other by sitting in a dark room watching a movie in silence, really?

McDonald's -
According to a recent poll conducted in the UK, where 11,000 responses were considered, taking your date to McDonald's is one of the worst things you can do.

A club -
"Sorry, what?" That's how about half the conversation between you two will go. Going clubbing on a first date is not a great idea. Unless, of course, you don't intend to talk at all. 

A funeral -
"Hey, put on your best black outfit, we're going to a funeral!" How sad would that be?

A park -
Unless you're really into feeding the ducks, a date at a park may end up being somewhat awkward and without a clear direction.

The zoo -
Zoos can be fun...when you have children. It's also a polarizing place; some people are cool with them, while others not so much.

An amusement park -
Unless you want to risk throwing up on your date's lap, this is a pretty bad idea.

Your home -
Come on, make an effort! Not only is this lazy, it may also be uncomfortable for your date. After all, you don't know each other that well, right?

The mall -
This is not acceptable. And even less acceptable is to go shopping while you're at the mall.

Church/religious event -
This one can even be offensive if it goes against your date's religious beliefs. So, tread carefully.

A protest/demonstration/political event - There are plenty of opportunities for you to channel your inner activist. A first date is not one of them.

The arcade -
There is a cool retro feel to it, but what if your date really gets into a game and you end up having to just stand there and watch? Or even consoling him/her after defeat?

Trash picking -
We get it: you're environmentally conscious and take great pleasure in doing your bit for the planet. But don't expect your date will share the same enthusiasm for this date idea.

A museum/gallery -
This one is a bit of a gamble. It can go well if the person is into art or whatever exhibition you're going to, but it can go horribly wrong, too, if your date really isn't into it.

Swimming -
Taking your clothes off on your first date may be okay for you, but it may not be for your date. Plus, swimming, and indeed being in the water, is not for everyone.

A live concert -
This is also a risky move. Especially if you're a big fan of the artist(s) and he/she is not. One person having a great time and the other trying to survive sound torture is no fun.

A double date -
Double dates can be fun, but only when both couples have been dating for a while. In such a scenario, you won't really have the chance to get to know each other.

Paintballing -
If you've ever been hit during a paintball game, you know how painful it can be. Your date might just not expect to come out of a first date with a few bruises...

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