Doomsday songs about the end of the world

'The Final Countdown' by Europe - This 1986 hit (and karaoke favorite, has Joey Tempest painting both an apocalyptic and optimistic picture of abandoning Earth before the world collapses.

'1999' by Prince -
Only Prince can make us dance as the world collapses. "We could all die here today (1999) / I don't want to die / I'd rather dance my life away," he sings.

'Fight Fire with Fire' by Metallica - This song from Metallica's 1984 album 'Ride the Lightning' is about how "nuclear warfare shall lay us to rest" because "Armageddon's here like said in the past."

'4 Minutes' Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland - There is a strong sense of urgency in this song as "we only got four minutes to save the world!"

'The End' by The Doors -
This classic Doors song really takes us on a journey... to the end. "This is the end, beautiful friend / This is the end, my only friend."

'99 Luftballons' by Nena-According to Nena, the song "imagines someone’s helium-filled party favors drifting over the Berlin Wall, getting mistaken for enemy aircraft, and kickstarting World War III."

'Abattoir Blues' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "The sky is on fire, the dead are heaped across the land," sings Nick Cave.

'Judgement Day' by Method Man -
Method Man raps about the collapse of civilization and Armageddon.

'Apocalypse Please' by Muse -
"Come on, it's time for something biblical [...] And this is the end / This is the end / Of the world," sings Matt Bellamy.

'The End of the World' by The Cure -
The end of a relationship can indeed feel like the end of the world. So, metaphorically speaking, this is a song about collapse and destruction.

'Earth Died Screaming' by Tom Waits -
"Well the earth died screaming / While I lay dreaming of you." Sounds pretty poetic... and devastating, right?

'Idioteque' by Radiohead -
Thom Yorke sings about bunkers, fire, and a coming ice age. Sounds pretty apocalyptical to us!

'Waiting for the End of the World' by Elvis Costello - This song can be found in Costello's 1977 debut album 'My Aim Is True.' 

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