Easy ways to cut calories

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Canned fruit: -Fresh fruit is always a better alternative, but if you really want the canned stuff, opt for those in fruit juice and not in syrup.

Eggs: -A simple trick is to use more whites than yolks. Yolks are higher in calories.

Cooking spray: -This is a simple and effective way to reduce calories when you cook.

Canned tuna: -Opt for tuna in water instead of any oil. This will make a big difference in calories.

Frozen grapes: -Ice-cream and sorbets are delicious, but so are frozen grapes.

Milk: -Swapping whole milk for skim milk will do the trick when it comes to reducing calories.

Fruit vs fruit juice: -Eat the whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice. You need to squeeze a lot more fruit to make a glass of juice.

Pasta sauce: -Opt for a tomato-based sauce instead of a cream-based sauce.

Pancakes topping: -Forget the maple syrup. All you need is a bit of fresh fruit for all the flavor and sweetness.

Burger meat: -Red meat is very high in calories. Give chicken burgers a chance. You might like them.

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