Eat these 8 winter fruits to stay healthy

The pleasant green colored fruit has a juicy and tender white flesh inside.

Pomegranate is also in season during winter. You can eat one pomegranate every day. 

Orange is the best source of vitamin C and calcium. You must eat oranges. Eating an orange while sitting in the sun in winter will not harm you.

There is apple season in winter. Eating apples daily keeps the body away from diseases. Eating apples makes the immune system strong. 

Guava season comes in winter. Although many people do not eat guava due to cold. 

 It is a sour fruit rich in Vitamin C. It is very difficult to eat sweet potatoes. If you want, you can extract its juice and drink it.

This tropical citrus fruit is a good source of Vitamin C. It helps fight inflammation and also has been proven greatly beneficial to our gut and immune system.

These little brown fuzzy balls look so attractive when cut into halves having a beautiful pattern of small black seeds embedded in the bright green flesh.

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