Emotional affairs is it even cheating

What's an emotional affair? -
People in an emotional affair share a level of emotional intimacy often experienced in romantic relationships, but without getting physically involved.

How does it develop? -
An emotional affair often starts off innocently and grows over time. Let’s take a look at some of the stages of an emotional affair.

Innocent friendship -
An emotional affair usually starts as just a simple friendship. This can happen at work, it can be a friend of a friend, a colleague from a class you attend, etc.

Innocent friendship -
You start chit-chatting, perhaps grabbing a coffee together, and the conversation just flows naturally.

Friendship - This person becomes an assumed friend. You start following each other on social media, there’s a few texts here and there, and you suddenly become more present in each other’s lives.

Emotional involvement -
The relationship evolves to a point where you become emotionally dependent on this person. He/she becomes the person you go to with your worries and dreams.

Emotional involvement -
You develop such an emotional bond with this person that the only thing that is different from a full-blown affair is that you’re not being physically intimate.

There’s an unmet need -
People who have emotional affairs may lack emotional intimacy in their romantic relationships. This “friend” fills the void, and that feels good.

The person is lonely - A person who has an emotional affair may just feel isolated and lonely, and this is a form of deep human connection.

The person’s relationship is on the rocks - The person’s relationship might be in trouble and they are drawn to someone who makes them feel good.

What does emotional cheating look like? - Here are a few examples that will help you determine if you're in one of these relationships.

You talk about things you wouldn’t talk to your partner about - Think why you’re sharing these things with a “friend” and not with your romantic partner.

You text this person first thing in the morning and last thing at night - Checking in every day with a “good morning” is usually reserved for intimate relationships.

You look forward to being with this person - Perhaps you even get a bit anxious, like you did with your partner on your first dates? Do you feel the same way about other friends?

You worry about rejection -
You worry when this person doesn’t text or call. After all, you don’t want to lose your “friend.”

You compare this person with your partner - Do you find yourself comparing this person with your current partner? Do you feel resentful of your partner for not being more like your “friend”?

Maybe it is cheating, after all - While there is no physical intimacy involved, the emotional investment is clearly there, and one thing can end up leading to another.

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